Fading EP

by Chatham Ghost

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This is my first time actually making my own songs. This EP is by no means professional, just a small collection of songs made by myself in my parents basement.
Completed October 25th, 2016


released April 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Chatham Ghost Alberta

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Track Name: Punishment
Gonna fill my house with knives and mace
Gonna show it off proudly in my display case
And when the boys come over and wanna take a peek
Well you can guarantee that they're gonna keep their filthy fucking hands off of me

And if the god I've prayed to is as righteous as they say
Why'd he let me struggle and let them walk away
Well fuck that god and fuck you too
I'm gonna prove that vengeance is a payment overdue

Gonna bide my time and pay my dues
Gonna pave myself a path of righteousness and never ever lose
And when the people tune in to their tv screens
Well you can guarantee that they're gonna keep their filthy fucking hands off of me

Death is gonna come your way
Death is gonna kill everybody in my way
Death is gonna come your way
Death is coming baby
Track Name: Detachment 1
From death comes life
From peace comes war
From the mind of a madman
Comes the birth of all you know
All you know

Your mind is weak
Your body is broken down endlessly
Your sanity is wearing thinner as your world comes caving in
You are caving in

When life is not enough
The light is hard to find
You feel you have no soul
Feel you'll get left behind
In a world that leaves you cold
In a world that leaves you blind
Hold on child
The worst ain't over
Rest your pretty mind
Track Name: Replacement
The beast in your head is seeping out
Though you've tried his scream still escapes your mouth
His claws become your nails your teeth carnivorous
He'll kill more than you if you don't kill him first

The light in your eyes is fading out
Though I've tried you still scream and shout
Your words cut me like knives your kicks and punches sting
But I stay 'cause I've given you everything

Please come back to bed baby
Let me hold you I will take away the pain
Please don't hurt me please
I just want my baby back again